Dr. John L. Stoller


General Dentist


Dr. Stoller graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1980. He practiced one year in White Plains, New York before starting a basically family dental practice, here in Blue Bell in 1981. He was one of the first dentists to place white fillings in back teeth starting in 1985. He started placing implants in 2003 and it has become a significant part of his dental practice.

Prior to becoming a dentist he received an undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado in mechanical engineering, and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania. He has worked as a computer programmer, data processing manager, for Pennsylvania Hospital, and a computer salesman.  He enjoys many hobbies, tennis, and is involved in foster parenting. He has published a book available on Amazon.com on foster parenting, click here for more information on the book.

Provided Services:

Preventative services: cleanings, exams, fluoride for children, home hygiene instruction

Radiographs: only as needed, typical patient will get routine x-rays once every two years, even longer for children

Routine restorative procedures, generally white fillings, we rarely use amalgam (silver) fillings

Root canal therapy

Crowns (caps) and bridgework

Periodontal root planning and scaling

Implant placement and restoration

Routine extractions


Cosmetic bonding and veneers

Office Hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Thursday

7:30 am to 12:00  and 1:00 pm to 5:45 pm

Insurance Payment Information:

Typically we complete and submit insurance claim forms on your behalf for all insurances.

We participate in School Claims and Guardian as preferred providers. These are preferred provider organizations [PPO] insurance plans. What this means is that the insurance company, not the dentist, establishes the fee schedule for all covered charges. For example a procedure that the dentist would normally charge $100 might be set at $80 by the insurance company. Understand that for many procedures the insurance company will only pay a percentage of the $80 and the patient is expected to pay the remainder.

If you have a PPO insurance plan, but go to a dentist that is not signed up as a preferred provider by the insurance company (an out of network dentist), the insurance company will still pay the same amount as it would to a preferred provider. The difference, using the above example, is that the patient will be expected to pay the difference between the dentists normal fee of $100 and what the insurance company reimburses versus the difference between the insurance company’s set fee of $80 and what the insurance company reimburses. In this case it would add an additional $20 to the amount the patient pays.

Some insurance plans are dental maintenance organizations [DMO]. This type of insurance plan requires that for any kind of benefit from the insurance company you must go to a participating dentist that you have registered with the insurance company in advance, you are not free to go to any dentist.

We participate in the following plans:

School Claims


We are out of network but the following plans will reimburse:


Met Life


United Concordia




Contact Information:

Telephone:   215-641-0641

In emergency Dr. Stoller’s cell phone:  215-820-6742

Fax:    215-283-5222

Email:  Dr@John-Stoller.com

Address:  901 Sunset Drive, Blue Bell, PA 19422-2043

Corner of Sunset Drive and Skippack Pike (Route 73) across from the Blue Bell Elementary School

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